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Do you remember the Rubik's Cube? Did you ever play a Sudoku puzzle? Now imagine these games mix together. Yes, that is Cubicks, the new puzzle game.

Cubicks is as basic as can be. It's concept is even simpler than it's mom and dad: the Sudoku puzzle and the Rubik's cube. The rules of Cubicks fit in one sentence: tap on the cubes until all rows and all columns have four different colors.

But the Cubicks puzzle can be quite hard: The app (the free vesion is called Cubicks Free) contains 1000 puzzles in four different levels vaying form easy to evil. The first time you play you might experience that also the easy ones are quite hard. But that is because it's all new. After a while you see combinations and tricks within a split second and you will be able to solve most easy ones easy. But that doesn't mean these puzzles become dull. People seem to like the the easy ones just to pass the time avoiding the daily stress. Or as an excellent time killer in the train or waiting for the bus.

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