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Cube Loop is a minimalist puzzle game based on the game Flow Free which was a huge hit in 2012.

Just like Flow you have to connect two points of the same color, but Cube Loop is in 3D and that gives it an extra perspective.

You might say Cube Loop has a slight "intellectual" look compared to Flow, but just like Flow it is easy to pick up and hard to put down.

Cube Loop is for free and has 100 games, in 5 different levels.

The first level is realy easy and the last level is realy hard. Just as it is supposed to be.

Have fun!

The top screenshot is the start of the game, the bottom screenshot is the end of the game.

Swipe to turn the cube.

Swipe over a colored cube to color other cubes.

Tap on a colored cube to make it grey again.

Tap long on a colored cube to make them all greay again.



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