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Save Planet Cube is a puzzle game with a twist.

The game tells you a story and in 38 levels you’ll make a journey from the big bang, the moment the universe started to exist, until today.  

The rules of the game are very simple (connect the cubes of the same color) but every level is a new experience.  

In your journey you’ll encounter huge natural forces like an ice age, meteorites and a giant volcano. Also the evolution of “mankind” is presented in several levels: you’ll see all kinds of art and scientific inventions throughout history, but also periods to be less proud of like slavery and war. At the end you help planet Cube through difficult stages like a rising sea level, tornedo’s and cities in smog.  

It sounds like a lot, but it’s a puzzle game so everything is presented using only a few cubes.

Planet Cube has a final surprise for you after you passed all 38 levels. By that time you have proved to be an excellent “planet saver” so you get the choice to “save planet Earth”... The end is for you to discover...

Anyway, I hope you want to try this game and tell me what I should improve. 


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